John O’Connor

Skilled care operators are hiring as never before. They are also spending record amounts while doing so. Making matters worse is the fact that many operators are not very good at hiring the right candidates.

That’s not my assessment. It’s the judgment of Peter Capelli, a Wharton professor who knows a thing or two about finding the keepers.

Here’s a big part of the problem, as he sees it: Many employers never bother to make sure their approaches are actually effective.

Many businesses are preoccupied with outside candidates and fail to track how well their recruiting practices work, he adds. They also often use outside vendors and rely on flawed high-tech tools.

So what is to be done here?

According to Capelli, here are some steps that may actually improve your odds of hiring the best-possible prospects:

Design jobs with realistic requirements: By focusing on a few core needs, you are more likely to attract the right kinds of applicants.

Persuade fewer people to apply: You need quality, not quantity. The funnel is not necessarily your friend.

Reconsider the way you do interviews: Think hard about whether your interviewing protocols even make sense. (“What book would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?” Really, the answer to that will help you determine fit?)

Help may be closer than you think: Many positions can be filled by hiring from within. The grass may look greener on the other side, but many times it’s just more grass.

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To be sure, these are tough times on the hiring front. So there’s not much to be gained by making things even more difficult.

John O’Connor is McKnight’s Editorial Director.