The kids have it right. If you ever want to know who to follow, they have the simple, direct answer: Follow the leader.

All week we’ve been telling you about leaders in your field. They deserve your eyes and ears.

They have done outstanding work that you are capable of emulating, imitating or simply appreciating. They are the winners in the 2017 McKnight’s Technology Awards competition.

This is no time to avert your eyes — you probably could stand to innovate more with your resident care programming. Just like Lexington Health Network did with effective use of telemedicine. It won the Innovator of the Year Gold Award, as determined by a distinguished national panel of judges.

But it didn’t end there. We also gave you a road map to learn about Peconic Landing at Southold’s Community Life smartphone app and Lyngblomsten’s mobile software app for meal-ordering. There were also the cool nurse-aide training program and a medication safety program to learn about.

And those were just the winners in one category.

Since their announcement on Tuesday, we’ve also unveiled wonderful roundups of providers excelling in our High Tech/High Touch; Quality; and Dignity categories. On Monday, we’ll cap it all with the Best Transitions category winners. You won’t want to miss any of these.

Keep in mind, these stories are not about companies trying to sell you certain products or services. These are fellow providers — your peers — showing you how better caregiving can easily take place.

You, too, could make good use of talking pens, drone technology and a program that brings 70% reduction in incontinent episodes, right? Yes, you can.

It usually happens when someone takes the initiative to explore a new project, adds a dash of courage and has the moxie to see through what they start. Nothing too herculean, but something requiring a bit of intestinal fortitude. To that end, we should all thank the fine folks at CareRise for having the foresight to sponsor such a worthwhile undertaking and making this award program and provider showcase possible.

McKnight’s Tech Awards winners come from all over the United States, and they vary in size from small to really small to really, really big. In other words, there’s a place for you next time — even if you’ve already taken part or won before.

What it comes down to is tracking the best in your profession. We find them for you. All you have to do is follow their lead.

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