The Internet came to our office about a decade and a half ago. At that time, staffers would sign up for a half hour’s access to this new thing called the World Wide Web. It was a safe bet that a good chunk of that time would be spent watching incredibly slow websites gradually reveal their primitive contents. How times have changed.

These days, news organizations such as McKnight’s are racing to find new and innovative ways to deliver content. Our collective hope is that we’ll be able to serve your needs while saving our hides. From webcasts to video interviews to whatever comes next, we’re all trying to stay relevant.

I can tell you it’s a fun challenge, but it can get overwhelming. For as we’re racing to stay current, your viewing options are also changing. Five years ago, I could be almost 100% certain you’d be reading this on a desktop or laptop computer. But chances are pretty good now you may be looking at these words on an iPad (or other tablet), or perhaps a mobile device (what we used to call a telephone).

It’s a safe bet that this pace of change will only quicken. The other safe bet is that we at McKnight’s will continue to take the lead in providing you with the news, information, insight and perspective you need to be successful.

Yes, packaging is important. But in the end, content is still king.