There is certainly a lot to be down about as we move toward the end of 2020. You might be grieving a resident, colleague or family member who fell victim to the virus.

You still might be processing the stress of the first wave of the pandemic as you try to get your bearings on this new wave that is hitting. 

Or you might be generally irritated with the inordinate number of little challenges that mark living in a COVID-19 world — not seeing your friends and possibly loved ones, not being able to go to the movies on a Saturday night, having to wear a darn mask whenever you leave the home, and so forth.

And then you can look at what you do have: Perhaps you have your health, your job (and, boy, might they need you now), a little more time to spend with your family. Here’s something else to add to the list: knowledge. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the two major U.S. long-term care associations, the American Health Care Association and LeadingAge, have gifted providers with the latest updates on precautions, scientific recommendations and guidance related to the virus.

LeadingAge, which for months held hour-long daily update calls featuring a handful of expert speakers each time for all interested stakeholders, this week released another trove of valuable insights. It’s called the Pandemic Playbook, and it offers a wealth of interactive tools, best practices and ideas on a range of subjects, from emergency preparedness, testing and contact tracing, to reopening guidance and financial management. Sources include government agencies, educational institutions, journals, researchers, consultants and members. 

The easy-to-use guide provides links to news stories, podcasts, videos and more. One small example of its offerings: a short, lively  video on proper handwashing in chapter 3.

The most remarkable part about this new comprehensive resource: It’s free.

“The Pandemic Playbook will help ensure that aging services providers can prepare for and mitigate the impact of a pandemic by applying learning from this year,” the organization said in the rollout of the playbook this week.

To that, we say thank you.

One final note to readers: As we edge closer to Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for this year? Please email me at

Liza Berger is Senior Editor at McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. Follow her @LizaBerger19.