John O’Connor

In some minds, nursing homes are healthcare’s Island of Misfit Toys.

Critics scoff that this sector lacks the prestige, competence and dedication other settings and players can offer. In other words, long-term care is not quite ready for prime time. To this, I can only say: What. A. Crock!

Not only does this field more than hold up its end of the caregiving bargain, it does so under conditions and for rates no hospital would ever abide by.

I’d like to see facility operators pull down more than $5 million a year in compensation, as is routinely the case for those who run large hospitals.

Or to get away with the kinds of shameless billing practices hospitals routinely employ. Among the more suspect: $15 for a single Tylenol pill, $10 or more for the little plastic cup the pill comes in, and $23 for an alcohol swab. No, I am not making this up. 

Long-term care is the misfits sector? Are you kidding me? To the contrary, post-acute care is chock full of leaders dedicated to doing the right things the right way.

At McKnight’s, we think that instead of getting the figurative back of the hand, maybe it’s time for these folks to get a pat on the back.  That’s why we’ve launched the McKnight’s Pinnacle Awards.

Our inaugural program will recognize industry veterans who are setting new standards, driving change, providing guidance and inspiring others.

Professionals with at least 20 years of experience who are active in the senior living, skilled nursing, or home care and hospice fields can be nominated by others in the following categories:

Here are the awards categories:

•  Setting the Standard Award

•  Agent of Change Award

•  Inspiration Award

•  Thought Leader Award

•  Unsung Hero Award

But time is running out. Our final entry deadline is Thursday. This ends an extended entry period. For more information about the awards, see our entry kit. You can nominate someone here.

Know any leaders who deserve this kind of recognition? Of course you do. Nominate them. Today. You’ll be glad you did. Chances are pretty good they will too.

John O’Connor is Editorial Director for McKnight’s.