Court Of Appeals

Facility failed to take CNA's claims of assault by dementia resident seriously, judge writes


A certified nursing assistant who was allegedly repeatedly assaulted by a resident with dementia can sue her former employer over an allegedly hostile work environment, a court of appeals ruled last week.

Federal appeals court sides with union, NLRB against nursing home operator


A U.S. Court of Appeals has upheld the National Labor Relations Board determination that a nursing home operator should have negotiated with an existing union when it took over a facility, and was discriminatory when it refused to hire five union local officers.

Nursing home must prove lack of negligence after documents go missing, appeals court rules

A federal appeals court has ruled that the jury in an improper medication suit against a nursing home was given proper instructions by a federal trial court. The decision put more responsibility on the accused facility, which could not supply medication reports from a 2007 incident.