The Boston Marathon explosions: Turn off the dayroom TV

The Boston Marathon explosions: Turn off the dayroom TV


I was hoping not to have occasion to write another column about tragedy so soon, but the terrible events at the Boston Marathon on Monday compel me to focus on the amount of information we provide to residents about distressing outside events.

'Proud' celebrations and activities expected as National Assisted Living week begins Sunday

"Forever Proud" is the theme of this year's National Assisted Living Week, which will highlight patriotism and love of country. The week begins Sunday — the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks by terrorists — and runs through Saturday, Sept. 17. The weeklong celebration is sponsored by the National Center for Assisted Living, which offers a planning guide and product catalog. NALW was started in 1995 as "an opportunity for residents, families, staff, volunteers and the surrounding community to come together to bestow on the residents a multitude of events and activities that show them how much they are cared for."