Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC

I was in an airport recently (pretty much always am, but …) and on one TV there was Fox News and on another was CNN. 

Man, people were expressing their “opinions” about one or the other and, frankly, just getting nasty. Honestly, there is just no escape these days!

And here we had all this dissent, division and discord just as the holiday season approaches. Instead, we should be spreading good cheer and loving our neighbor and all.

It got me thinking: What if we all lived by our mission and values? I mean really lived them. You know, where things like caring, respect, service, excellence, attitude were our priorities.  (Either that or we just treat everyone like they have dementia and don’t argue with them and just smile when they say things as if their frontal lobe is affected and they lost their filter!)

But, seriously, don’t you think if we all lived our mission values every day, the world would be a better place? Just saying!

Just keeping it real,

Nurse Jackie

The Real Nurse Jackie is written by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC, Senior Director of Clinical Innovation and Education for Mission Health Communities, LLC and an APEX Award of Excellence winner for Blog Writing. Vance is a real-life long-term care nurse. A nationally respected nurse educator and past national LTC Nurse Administrator of the Year, she also is an accomplished stand-up comedienne. The opinions supplied here are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer or her professional affiliates.