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What do emotions have to do with leadership?

Understanding your emotions has everything to do with leadership. As we grow as leaders, we begin to have a true understanding of our emotions — not only understanding them in the moment but understanding where they come from. This is super hard work, but so worthwhile, and can be the key to unlocking your leadership potential.

Ghosts of therapists past

Therapists experience the same impact when facing the ghosts of predecessors in their own therapy departments. And when considering the spirits of old habits needing to be shifted by significant changes facing our post-acute care industry.

Herb Hildebrandt Ph.D., Hl.D. of Trinity Health’s Glacier Hill’s senior living facility

Transformative leadership

 Often managerial decisions are top-down. While that process has its place, an evaluative instrument using specific assessment criteria of an individual, manager or employee, will help pinpoint a communication strength or weakness in an individual.

Halloween — the ultimate staffing solution

Strolling with an adorable dog through my neighborhood at twilight last night was an eerie journey into the macabre. The neighbors’ yards have been scary for weeks — there’s an election going on, after all. But now the creepy dial was cranked to 11.

A lack of uniformity plagues arbitration cases

Arbitration is an effective means of resolving disputes. However, judicial response to arbitration has been mixed. While both the United States Supreme Court and federal district courts have resoundingly accepted arbitration, state court response has been less receptive. The result is that there is a lack of uniformity at the federal and state levels concerning…

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