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Gary Tetz

Face touching for dummies

Can you remember a public health directive than “don’t touch your face” that’s ever been more simple, clear and science-based, yet more difficult to execute? I can’t.

Simple, yet tough, conversations

There is a conversation lingering for us all right now. We have told ourselves elaborate stories to avoid the conversation all together. This is fascinating to me. In my experience, the most challenging aspect of any work relationship is the conversation that isn’t happening. Last month I shared some big questions to tackle with yourself…

Quality: What are we measuring?

After spending three days in training as an examiner for a prestigious healthcare quality award, I came away with a better understanding and appreciation of how quality is measured and how it affects our facilities and our goals. The IMPACT Act of 2014 required the implementation of specific set of measures using standardized assessment data.…

How to reduce medication overload in long-term care

Over the past decade, the use of multiple medications (clinically known as “polypharmacy”) has skyrocketed among older adults. Aging brings ailments and chronic illnesses, and more illnesses generally lead to more prescriptions. But every additional medication taken by an older person increases the risk of a serious side effect. As medication use has dramatically increased,…

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