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Weird, wild and precious

So, let me get this straight: While others are sprinkling Xanax on their Lucky Charms every morning, I found a long-term care leader who’s excited about PDPM? Something clearly wasn’t right with the man.

Under pressure with pressure injuries

Before you invest in the most expensive cushions and mattresses available for those at risk, find a provider that can help you with pressure mapping and find out exactly what you’re getting and maximize your outcomes. Minimize your risk and theirs with the best options available.

Be a caddie, not a pro

Jacke Vance Have you ever watched the Masters golf tournament? You know, the guys playing golf in Georgia, trying to grab the green jacket? I think you all know I love a good analogy (not as much as a good cup of coffee, but it’s close). So, if you do watch golf, you’ll notice that…

Yes, Emmy, everyone dies

My efforts to explain life and death to my 4-year-old, it seems, have failed and as a result she wants to make sure all current members continue living. If I remain positive and continue to say our family doesn’t die, then they will not. Or such is the logic for a 4-year-old.

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