If you ask people at Mirador, a Masterpiece Living Community, how we achieved a Five Star rating in Nursing Home Compare, you won’t be given a 10-step plan or any detailed account of the perfect formula. 

Instead you would hear about our humble approach that focuses on care and compassion and strives for excellence each and every day. For those of us Mirador, the key is having the right team and conveying a professional and positive attitude to anyone who walks through our doors. 

You can feel the difference that makes, whether you’re working in the community, living here or visiting. It is with this idea that our executive director, Aaron DeNovellis, set a standard for a friendly, caring culture of team members. By making sure the right people are in the right positions, a positive and professional tone is set and team members are supportive of each other. The team makes a conscious decision to do the right thing every time, and every action is taken to deliver high-quality care while positively enhancing the lives of the residents.

When you walk into Mirador, you feel the tone. Our beautiful environment and amenities set the backdrop for impeccable standards in the dining, nursing, therapy and lifestyle programs that we provide. Whether a resident lives independently or in The Plaza Health Services at Mirador, hospitality is always our focus. We make sure that we are doing everything we can to go above and beyond, exceeding expectations. One way to ensure that each resident receives a custom and specialized plan for care is by attending care plan meetings with staff to get to know the residents. This gives residents the knowledge that they can reach out to anyone on staff at any level any time they need anything.

We make an effort that no resident voice is unheard, and in turn residents tell us of their appreciation. Their satisfaction is our goal, and as a management team, it is critical for us to let the staff members know how the residents feel by providing recognition. This helps to encourage positivity and job satisfaction while reducing turnover. When residents feel that a particular staff member has been exceptional in his or her job or has really been there for them personally, they have the opportunity to nominate that individual as the “Perfect Gem.” This recognition is then awarded in front of everyone at one of our Town Hall Meetings. With a small reward that goes far, we are able to raise morale and create pride and a sense of camaraderie among the staff and residents. This ensures that employees know their hard work is being recognized and not going unnoticed.

It is with these ideals that Mirador has created a five-star atmosphere. For the staff here at the community it is an honor, but it is also a constant reminder for all of us that we won’t stop there. We will strive to continue providing excellent care each and every day in an environment that focuses on the residents’ every need.

Deborah Nugent is the Health Care Administrator at Mirador, which is located in Corpus Christi, TX.