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Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

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Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

50 shades of G-coding

Sorry, ladies, I didn’t mean to get your hopes up with that title. But does anyone else feel like there is a lot of ambiguity to the new G-Coding system? Well, it’s a little too early to tell for sure, but I can already see how the new G-codes will be riddled with red flags in the next few months.

Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

Medically Complex Medicare Part B

While CMS tries to figure out how to proceed with the manual medical review process, we continue to track our caps and apply our modifiers. In the meantime, has anyone noticed how our typical Medicare Part B patients have become more medically complex than just a few years ago?

Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

The lessons of Fuaja Singh

Fuaja Singh completed his last marathon in Hong Kong only a few weeks before he turned 102 years old recently. He said he feels it might be time to retire from running marathons, but he plans to continue running as a hobby. You know what that means.

Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

Another reason why clinicians shouldn’t underestimate housekeeping staff

Each time I visited a restroom during a routine site visit, I noticed a very pretty toilet-paper flower there. It was made of toilet paper and folded into a flower, including the stem. It was then sitting in an unused toilet paper roll to serve the purpose of the vase. It was such a clever and creative idea, I wanted to know who was behind this craft.

Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

Do you know your P’s and Q’s of QAPI?

The Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement system from CMS is on our doorsteps. As facilities have been training and educating themselves, the new QIS (Quality Indicator Surveys) are ready to roll. So, while the entire nursing facility department heads gear up for this new survey process, where does this leave therapy?

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