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A vision for long-term care

Many milestones come and go — a birthday perhaps, the start of the new year, even. Then there are some that seem to be meaningful. Today, the first day of autumn, seems to fall into that category. We have been hearing for several weeks now how this fall, when flu season makes its annual comeback,…

The lockdown’s ill effects

We all know that human contact is important. But when you are talking about vulnerable people who rely on human interaction to maintain their quality of life, interacting with loved ones is not a benefit, it is an imperative.

Webinar on Sept. 30 targets staff turnover solutions

It’s not easy to retain long-term care staff. The pandemic has exacerbated the problem. A webinar to take place Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 1 p.m. ET, will discuss a range of tactics to improve retention. Jason McGovern, director of Business Development for WorkSync, will provide information about how to engage and empower employees to retain…

Flu-COVID-19 combo feared

The prospect of the flu and COVID-19 hitting at the same time in the fall offers a uniquely daunting situation for providers. Adhering to certain protocols, however, will help, experts said.

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