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Getting wider, not bigger: An investment and planning recipe for survival before the big senior wave

At first blush, expanding any business in a time of declining numbers of customers and sagging construction starts seems illogical. But it’s exactly what may help skilled nursing facilities thrive and prosper in the turbulent years ahead. Some are finding success with asset repurposing. Others are resurrecting with an age-old real estate strategy: mixed use.…

How to do it … Improve online staff training

1. There are many ways to gauge the effectiveness of your online training programs. Course flexibility correlates heavily with the level of staff participation. Jennifer Moore, RN-BC, DNS-CT, CDP, WCC, director of curriculum design and research at Relias strongly advises offering curriculum that allows employees to bookmark their progress. And online should mean offsite; participation…

Providers grapple with ever-complex, sometimes confusing, medication regulations

Viewed individually, each medication rule, regulation, standard and guideline has its fair share of advocates and critics. It’s the sum of their parts, however, that often keeps compliance officers up at night. The regulatory labyrinth is particularly poignant to William Vaughan, RN, BSN, vice president, education and clinical affairs for Remedi SeniorCare. Vaughan joined the…

How to do it … Incontinence improvements

1. Successfully improving bladder function begins with the recognition that hope for improving is often realistic. “Bladder function can be improved, especially with those who are recently incontinent or those who had a catheter removed recently,” says Pam Brooks, OTR/L, a clinical occupational therapy specialist for Centrex Rehab.  Recalling the most common reversible causes of…

How to do it…Cleaning the bathing area

Know what would trigger a deep cleaning. “From a cleaning perspective and when to give detail to proper cleaning, that is the challenge,” says Len Sears, director of sales at ProCare Medical. Nursing homes generally never overlook major pathogens, but deep cleaning always should be performed after bathing any resident infected with Clostridium difficile (C.…

How to do it … smartwatch compliance

Like many other aspects of society, smart technologies are sweeping senior living. The benefits of smart watches make them attractive additions in most facilities. Experts, however, advise careful evaluation of the pros and cons before making an initial plunge.

McKnight's Long-Term Care News, August 2019, page 31, Feature 2, Rehabilitation

Garden-variety therapy

Non-traditional therapy modalities have been practiced in every setting from home to skilled to independent and assisted living for a long time. But as conventional therapy providers attest, these “softer” modals are increasingly playing an important role complementing evidence-based, patient-centered care.

How to do it… Messaging for recruiting

Words matter. The fewer, the crisper; the punchier, the better. Simply put, recruiting new employees for today’s long-term care workforce crisis is tough. Competition is fierce and landing the best and the brightest means applying a carefully crafted strategy of focused messaging using various means. It also requires an ability to avoid terminal gaffes. Experts advise here on how to do it best.

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