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How to do it … Rehab in the COVID-19 age

Rehabilitation therapists may not technically be considered frontline by some, but they have come to be seen as just as essential as caregivers to surviving the global pandemic. The road has been bumpy, but experts offer advice on how therapists can make it through this time without succumbing to overwhelming stress and fatigue.

How to do it … Staying safe at bathtime

It’s no small irony that bathtime provides one of the most precarious opportunities for infection. That’s always important to keep in mind, but more so than ever during this COVID-19 era. Here are a few simple tips — from staying true to guidelines and just common sense — that will go far, top infection control experts advise.

How to do it … Hiring in the COVID-19 era

Because of bountiful job openings and bustling economies, candidates sometimes have skipped the conventions of courtesy while racing toward the best offers. With COVID-19, ghosting is rising even faster as candidates have an entirely new set of reasons to vaporize. How can providers defend against this trend and give great candidates a reason for a second look? Experts offer advice and tips here.

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