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Ford Motor Co. clear face mask, N95 respirator, patent-pending

How to do it … Maintaining PPE supplies

Since pandemic conditions emerged last March, long-term care providers have been beset with how to find, purchase and extend the use of enough personal protective equipment. Experts provide valuable advice on pursuing these valuable supplies while also trying to keep things as affordable as possible.

How to do it … Designing safe, useful spaces

COVID-19 has placed restrictions on many “nonessential” projects like renovation. Money is tight. To adapt to the current COVID-19 conditions on limited budgets, administrators and staff are repurposing internal spaces. Their aim: allow for some measure of social activity while staying true to safety and social distancing rules. Here, design and furnishing representatives lend their expertise to the mission.

How to do it … Job growth amid COVID-19

With all that has transpired, it may surprise some people that anyone is thinking about “ordinary” pre-pandemic issues. But for those looking beyond a time when COVID-19 is no longer a household acronym, workforce issues remain an important area to think about. Experts explain why the time to begin refocusing on frontline training and development is now, and how to approach them with ease.

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