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Ask The Treatment Expert

What should I consider when creating a skin integrity care plan? Start with a comprehensive risk assessment and skin inspection. Once the risk and skin assessments are complete, all identified risk factors or skin concerns should be included in the care plan.  Next, ensure the risk and skin concerns identified have correlating interventions to modify,…

Ask The Treatment Expert: Preventing sepsis

If you suspect a wound is infected, you need to optimize the resident’s health by rapidly debriding any nonviable tissue, using antibiotics in a targeted manner, evaluating nutritional status, stabilizing glycemic control, improving blood flow to the area, reducing immunosuppressant therapy if possible, and appropriately managing topical treatments.

Ask the Treatment Expert about … pressure injuries

We just admitted a resident with two pressure injuries. The hospital had marked both as Stage 2. However, on admission to our facility, one presented with granulation tissue and the other had granulation and some thin slough in the wound bed. Are these Stage 2 pressure injuries?

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