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Potential new weapon against MRSA discovered

Researchers have discovered a way to increase the potency of antibiotics against deadly bacterial diseases that have afflicted seniors especially hard. The key is something called inhibitor compounds, which have been developed by structural biologists and chemists.

Nursing aides and orderlies have a high incidence of workplace injuries.

Giving a lift to safety

Employers must adopt tools and embrace policies that keep caregivers as well as residents safe during the bathing process — or pay the price in injuries.

Swan Creek Chapel in Toledo, OH, is owned by Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services.

Spiritual spaces

Designers of worship, meditative and hospice spaces must meet the varied needs
of different religious backgrounds while creating a neutral area of reflection.

Carpet must be carefully chosen for residents with dementia, and artwork should be literal.

Clarifying designs

The housing and care of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients has been on a roll. The recent progression of designs and elements has led to improvements for residents and the staff who care for them.

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