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Charles de Vilmorin

Charles de Vilmorin

Charles de Vilmorin is the CEO and co-founder of Linked Senior.

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Charles de Vilmorin

Ignite purpose with engagement

Too often the senior care industry focuses on negative outcomes and the “clinical” part of the aging experience. Yet, there is much to be said about aging that is positive, and focusing on the benefits of growing old can increase the success of communities worldwide by making them more intergenerational and interdependent.

Charles de Vilmorin

A day in the digitized future

The activities department in senior care communities plays an essential role in the well-being of older adults. It is often the only source of engagement, providing basic socialization opportunities, that can protect against the negative impact of loneliness and isolation on physical and mental well-being.

Charles de Vilmorin

How does engagement measure up?

In our role as providers serving our residents, we are tasked to address their needs and desires in the most person-centered way. Making sure we take into account who they are and where they are cognitively or physically is of the utmost importance.

The perfect programming matrix

To achieve a higher quality of life and longer periods of stay, retirement communities should consider a robust and fully comprehensive programming strategy. To address the needs of residents, they should aim at creating avenues of engagement opportunities for anyone at any time.

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