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Caryn Adams is McKnight's Ask the Expert Payment columnist.

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Caryn Adams

Ask the payment expert: PDPM is now underway, what should I be concerned about?

Now that PDPM is officially underway, what should I be concerned about? As our clinical team and I have completed trainings for facility staff on the Patient-Driven Payment Model, questions and concerns related to compliance and payment have come forth. The way skilled nursing facilities will be reimbursed has changed; the Medicare regulations and requirements…

Ask the Payment Expert

What are the final things we should do to be ready for PDPM Oct. 1? With the implementation of the Patient-Driven Payment Model mere weeks away, the final countdown is on.  Shore up the facility RAI policies related to PDPM; change verbiage for RUGS to PDPM, and review who is completing the sections of the…

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