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Anne Tumlinson

SNFs: Time to step up, not give up

The design of the BPCI-Advanced program appears, at first glance, to offer little opportunity for SNFs looking to redesign their business models and take episodic healthcare risk alongside hospitals and payers. It effectively sunsets the original BPCI option that kicked off the risk-based episode at post-acute admission (called “Model 3”), leaving all bundled post-acute services to start with either an inpatient or outpatient service.

Anne Tumlinson

Keeping score in 2014

If new payment reform initiatives sowed the seeds of small disruptions in 2013 — narrowing referral networks and prompting clinical integration, those seeds will start sprouting bigger disruption across multiple markets in 2014. This year ACOs will proliferate and will include SNFs in a real way. Bundled payment experiments will be beginning all over the country.

Anne Tumlinson

A plan for post-acute care providers looking to better coordinate care

Post-acute care providers must be proactive and initiate conversations with hospitals and other community provider partners to ensure they are at the table when strategic partnerships are developed. They must come to these conversations armed with a more sophisticated understanding of their own readmission rates and a clear roadmap on how they plan to reduce them over time.

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