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Study results tout virtual stroke rehab

As novel as virtual medical and rehabilitation appointments seemed when COVID-19 first appeared, they’re now simply part of the new norm for many healthcare systems. What’s more, they could eventually lead to lower demand for skilled nursing care. A new study, for example, suggests that telerehabilitation may be just as good as in-person rehab for stroke patients.

Talking to families the solution: survey

When visitation is restricted within a long-term care facility, communication from staff — or the lack thereof — has a significant effect on family perceptions. That’s according to a Miami University survey of nearly 200 family members with loved ones in LTC.

Ransomware attack exposes data from 47,000+ residents

A Maryland long-term care operator became the latest victim of a ransomware incident. In June, Lorien Health Services, which offers assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation at nine locations, reported that data from 47,754 residents was stolen and encrypted by the ransomware strain NetWalker.

Tech offers providers visitation solutions

With in-person visitation still under tight restrictions due to the pandemic, skilled nursing facilities across the nation have gotten creative — often with the use of technology — to help residents combat social isolation and loneliness.

LTC nurses feel less valued, work less than other nurses

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, long-term care nurses were less likely than their counterparts in acute inpatient and ambulatory care to feel that their employers valued their health and safety. That’s according to a new nursing workforce planning and engagement strategy analysis released in June by McKinsey & Company.

Nurses offered more wellness resources

In response to the growing burden of stress on the nation’s nurses during the pandemic, the American Nurses Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the American Nurses Association, has released several new resources to support nurses’ emotional well-being.

Technology for providers in a pandemic-oriented world

Skilled nursing facilities have begun using more technologies with residents during the COVID-19 pandemic — mostly out of necessity. Yet many are seeing the benefits these devices can provide, both for caregivers and patients. Here are a just a few that facilities have been using.

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