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Higher blood pressure may indicate better health in the very elderly, study finds


While it seems counterintuitive, new research indicates that seniors with higher blood pressure rates may actually be healthier.

Peace of mind more important than aggressive treatment at the end of life, study finds


Terminally ill cancer patients had a better quality of life when they could die at home and avoid intense life-prolonging measures, a new study finds.

Acupuncture is helpful in treatment of COPD, study finds


Acupuncture appears to help the labored breathing that accompanies chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a new study suggests.

Statins linked to diabetes risk in women, study finds

In a rare blow to positive news surrounding statins, a new study reveals the heart drugs are associated with a higher risk of diabetes in older women.

Seniors' social activity slows decline, death, study finds

Social engagement among seniors can slow motor function loss and fend off overall age-related decline, according to a recently published study.