Weekly Roundup

The Week's Top Stories

CMS plan would completely overhaul Medicaid managed care

Over the next few weeks, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is expected to unveil an ambitious and comprehensive policy-making effort that promises to completely transform and radically overhaul the Medicaid managed care marketplace.

Assisted living resident kicked out after hiring prostitutes with liquor-sale proceeds

An assisted living facility was willing to look the other way whenever one of its residents would return from a "booze run" to pander liquor to other residents, but not when its staff discovered a prostitute under the man's bed, authorities said.

Healthcare now the biggest cyber-attack target, report reveals

The leading causes for breaches and attacks on healthcare organizations Ponemon identified are (in order of severity): theft, employee negligence and malware. The biggest vulnerability for each of the past four years: Lost and stolen computers and paper files.

OxyContin opioid suit moves forward while judge dismisses J&J, Actavis complaints

Chicago's massive suit over OxyContin alleges painkiller drug companies have misled prescribers and patients, leaving many woefully addicted and the city with enormous costs for treating them.

New pharmacy owner agrees to $5 million settlement in anti-kickback case

A North Carolina pharmacy services company agreed Wednesday to pay a $5 million civil fine to settle federal anti-kickback violations alleged to have occurred under prior ownership, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina announced.