Providers hunting for lawmakers over July 4 recess

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Long-term care operators won't be the only healthcare providers in search of federal lawmakers in their home districts during the latter's July 4 recess next week. But they could be some of the more insistent. Caregivers will be seeking contact with their respective members of Congress to press for less harsh Medicaid provisions in legislation being considered to tweak or replace the Affordable Care Act.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office announced Thursday afternoon that Republican plans to change Medicaid payment calculations would accelerate spending declines in the second decade. By 2036, the government would spend 35% less on Medicaid than it currently does; it would spend 26% less in the window after 2025, according to the CBO.

Long-term care lobbyists have loudly criticized both a bill passed out of the House and a bill proposed in the Senate regarding their pullbacks on Medicaid, which is the biggest payer of nursing home services in the country.