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Those crazy direct-to-consumer ads

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Jacqueline Vance, RN
Jacqueline Vance, RN

OK, I have to admit it. Because I hate all things impractical I HATE those pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer advertisements. Oh, and every pharma rep I know hates them, too.

Ever since the “Pharma Code” and Senate's focus on the pharmaceutical companies, they must disclose every possible side effect that can happen if you consume the drug, no matter how infinitesimally remote. So it leaves you wondering: Do I risk my head exploding or is my arthritis that bad?

Oh, and I love the one for a pain medication for fibromyalgia. The announcer states, “Side effects may include …. and suicidal ideation or action. Let you doctor know if you experience any of these.”  I'm like, “When?!”  When you're jumping off the bridge or in the note? Did he seriously say that?  

So, my friends, I have created my own practical direct-to-consumer advertisement. Please view it at and I hope you enjoy!

Keeping it real (and practical)

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