Good news for statins

Those over age 40 should be screened to see if they need to be on a statin, a U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said Sunday.

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Discontinuing statins extends and improves life for terminally ill, study suggests


Discontinuing cholesterol-busting drugs called statins would save money and potentially extend the lives of terminally ill patients, new research from Duke University School of Medicine suggests.

Statins may help patients with lung disease, study discovers

Statins, which are typically prescribed to lower cholesterol, alleviated chronic coughing in patients with lung disease, according to a study from the University of Edinburgh.

Long-term statin use reduces dementia risk by 30%, researchers discover


Statins, which are commonly used to treat high cholesterol, do not cause cognition problems in the short term and may offer significant protection against dementia in the long term. This is according to new research that contradicts government warnings about these medications.

New cholesterol drugs on the horizon, researchers say

Pharmaceutical companies are in a race to debut strong cholesterol-reducing drugs specifically targeted to those who don't respond to traditional medications, cardiologists and researchers said this week.

Statins could lower atrial fibrillation risk in seniors with hypertension, research suggests


Cholesterol lowering medications known as statins might help prevent new-onset atrial fibrillation in elderly adults with hypertension, a new study reports.

Statins linked to diabetes risk in women, study finds

In a rare blow to positive news surrounding statins, a new study reveals the heart drugs are associated with a higher risk of diabetes in older women.

Statins protect against influenza mortality, study shows

In what has become the latest positive news about statins, researchers have found they appear to reduce the risk of death in patients hospitalized with the flu.

Researchers 'stunned' to find approved cholesterol drug has negligible effect

The National Institutes of Health announced it is ending its study of the cholesterol drug Niaspan 18 months early. Tracking results showed the medication had almost no chance of being beneficial to patients, researchers found.

CDC: Prescription drug use up among all age groups, nine in 10 seniors on meds

Nearly 90% of older adults reported taking at least one prescription drug in the past month, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which noted that prescription drug use overall is on the rise.

Study uncovers link between elderly falls, and high blood pressure, altered blood flow in brain

There may be a connection between high blood pressure and hardened arteries, and an increased risk of falls among seniors, according to a new study.

Statins help prevent influenza deaths, research suggests

People hit hard by seasonal flu strains have a higher likelihood of survival if they're already taking statins for managing cholesterol, according to a new report.