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Karmen Maurer
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John O'Connor
Ph. (847) 559-2884 x202
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James M. Berklan
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Senior Editor
Elizabeth Newman
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Staff Writer
Emily Mongan
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Circulation Manager
Paul Silver
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FAX (646) 638-6114

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Mark Speakman
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Production Manager
Krassi Varbanov

646-638-6018 (P)
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Midwest/West Coast Account Manager
Ginger Kost
(630) 406-1376

East Coast Sales
Denise DeVito
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Classified Products & Services
(847) 559-2884

Classified Job listings

Neil Swager
(866) 376-0949, ext. 7067


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Infogroup Media Solutions
Bart Piccirillo


Customer Service

Kathryn Fallucco
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