Transition initiative links healthcare nurses to patients

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Turenne PharMedCo and Healthcom announced a new program designed to reduce hospital readmissions.

CareLink Connect® was designed to help home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities improve care transition services, reduce unnecessary readmissions and improve patient outcomes, executives said. It is geared toward those leaving a skilled nursing facility or the hospital to go home. Each patient will receive a free mobile nurse help button, which can connect them immediately to their home care nurse, family caregiver, or medical authorities at any time.

“When a patient is transitioned from full-time medical care back to their home, it can be a big and sometimes daunting adjustment. Increased communication during this transition time is critical,” said Aaron Kirk, president of Healthcom. “Patients are encouraged to use their button for any questions or assistance they might need to help ensure a smooth transition.”

In addition to health concerns that need immediate attention, other help may include setting follow-up doctor appointments, the company said.