Tool for scheduling Braden Risk Assessments released

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WoundRounds has announced a built-in tool for scheduling Braden Risk Assessments, which lets wound care clinicians to monitor and individualize patient risk assessment schedules for the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Most electronic medical records systems offer a means to document Braden scores, but WoundRounds “takes this a step further,” said Mike Diamond, CEO of Telemedicine Solutions, makers of WoundRounds.  The system prompts clinicians with alerts for Braden Risk Assessments that are due each day, or note which assessments are overdue. Dashboards allow managers to monitor alerts.

“WoundRounds' unique tool offers options to standardize risk assessment frequency based on CMS Guidelines (upon admission or readmission, weekly times 4, monthly and quarterly thereafter) and to modify intervals based on patients' needs,” he said.