Therapy bed for pressure injuries debuts

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The Hill-Rom Envella Air Fluidized Therapy Bed has been released by Hill-Rom Holdings Inc. This product was designed for patients with severe pressure injuries.

The bed includes features such as increased bead depth, adjustable air flow and sensing, advanced weight-based pressure distribution and an integrated scale to make air fluidized therapy safer and more comfortable for patients.

This therapy pushes air flow through the bed, which is made up of small beads, to create a feeling similar to floating in water for the patient. According to previous research, this therapy heals pressure injuries faster than powered air surfaces.

Pressure injuries affect one in 10 patients, and one in 20 patients acquire a pressure injury during their hospital stay, according to American Hospital Association data.

“Across the care continuum, pressure injuries are quite common, cause serious concerns both to patients and their caregivers, and create financial burdens for the healthcare system,” said Paul Johnson, the president of Hill-Rom Patient Support Systems. “The Envella bed's differentiated technology provides an ideal healing environment for the prevention and treatment of advanced pressure injuries."


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