Smart monitor technology added to lift

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Hoyer HPL700
Hoyer HPL700

The new Hoyer HPL700 includes Hoyer Smart Monitor technology, Joerns announced. It records and displays vital lift utilization and service data on an LCD screen that includes the total number of life cycles, the work completed by the motor, the number of times a lift has been attempted over a safe working load and the service interval period.

Hoyer® HPL700 is part of Joerns' Hoyer portfolio of electronically operated patient lifts.

The technology allows providers to schedule safety checks and maintenance intervals to keep the lifts safe. The enhancements are not tied to a rise in price.

“The Hoyer HPL700 is a reliable, hardworking lift and we designed its improvements to deliver more versatility, longevity and cost efficiency to customers,” said Hillary Marshall, Joerns Healthcare's Global Product Manager for Lifting and Repositioning. “The HPL700 was already a best-in-class value and now it is even more so.”

The lift has a powered base and an integrated weight scale with a two-sided digital display. It can be purchased on its own or bought in connection with Joerns Healthcare's Prevent® safe patient handling program, a comprehensive and customized program designed to reduce caregiver injuries.