Relias Learning releases system with incorporated Tin Can API

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Relias Learning has said its latest release of its learning management system includes Tin Can API, an open source e-learning software specification. This means users can have enhanced mobile and tablet use, off-line access to mobile learning, simulations with instructors and more support.

“Supporting the Tin Can API ensures our customers and their employees have the most advanced mobile learning capabilities and the ability to leverage the latest and greatest in adult learning tools and techniques,” said Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias Learning. “To provide our customers with the best LMS and content to meet their needs, Relias continues to invest millions of dollars in new solutions every year to support new, long-term growth opportunities.” 

“Launching this new platform and supporting the Tin Can API will allow Relias to set a strong foundation for our customers to leverage this cutting-edge technology and provide the most impactful and meaningful training in the market,” he said. 


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