Pain-relieving device receives medical device license

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AVACEN Medical said its AVACEN 100, Class-II medical device has received Health Canada Medical Device License approval.

The system infuses heat into the circulatory system, relaxing muscles while increasing microcirculation.

It's “the only OTC medical device on the market today able to provide non-invasive, rapid whole body treatment, using a single point of contact,” said CEO Thomas Muehlbauer. “It is the ideal drug-free and safe alternative for relief of muscle and joint pain.” He noted the Canadian market has shown “high demand and acceptance for innovative new alternatives to pharmaceuticals for treating pain."

AVACEN has FDA clearance for treatment of arthritis or increasing circulation. The system can be helpful for treating those with fibromyalgia, which it is approved for in the European Union. Officials said it also may help treat CRPS, Reynaud's and Lyme Disease. In addition, it can be used for pinched nerves and to relieve anxiety or panic, the company said. AVACEN has headquarters in San Diego.


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