Nurses receive PointClickCare certification

Two Phoebe Services nurses have become the first in the U.S. to complete PointClickCare Certified Integrated Medication Management (IMM) certification.

Michelle Posch and Hardik Patel, clinical nurses who work for Phoebe Services, attended a live customer training, passed a test on the material, performed a formal train back with evaluation by a PointClickCare trainer, and conducted a live, client-facing training with an evaluation by a PointClickCare trainer. They both earned PointClickCare IMM trainer certification and are officially approved by PointClickCare to train integration clients.

Phoebe Services Pharmacy provides service to 36 long-term care facilities and has a clinical nurses who implement rollouts with expertise in software management and senior care. The certification means the staff members can train customers in the same manner as PointClickCare.

Phoebe Ministries, the parent organization, is a not-for-profit organization for seniors.