New translation services debut

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Cody has created CodyPrint® Translation Services to help health plans create marketing materials that include Annual Notice of Coverage, Evidence of Coverage, Drug Formulary and Summary of Benefits in both English and Spanish.

The service is geared toward providers that want to design materials side-by-side in English and Spanish.

The Translation Services software reduces opportunity for error with Spanish materials, with CodySoft Editor templates for each plan type, data grids and assets initially translated to Spanish.

Professional linguists offer proofreading, and subject matter experts review each document for correct formatting.

"The conventional method of managing translations can make it difficult for project managers to understand and track what processes their translation vendors are following internally," said Pray. "With CodyPrint, they now have increased visibility into the translation process and can review translation progress in advance of the final versioning. In addition, our process minimizes the production timeline and eliminates the iterative processes that increase the opportunity for errors."