McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy launches new program

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McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy℠ has debuted the PATH Pro™ Post-Acute Therapeutics Formulary Management Program for long-term care pharmacies.

PATH Pro™ provides third-party-reviewed clinical information that designates which of the most commonly dispensed generic drugs in the LTC setting are preferred, or nonpreferred. The program can help reduce drug-related hospital readmissions and minimize adverse events, reactions and complications.

It was designed so independent LTC pharmacies can be better partners to skilled nursing facilities, the company said. Features include a preferred drug list and indications for geriatric patients, along with drug monographs.

“On average, geriatric patients take 12 prescription medications — nine generics and three brand. While seniors only make up about 15% of the U.S. population, they use about 40% of prescription medications. Despite this, there have not been any comprehensive tools to help independent pharmacists make clinically sound decisions about which drugs are preferable for maximizing clinical outcomes in geriatric patients,” said Rich McKeon, MBA, vice president, McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy.

The program also can help independent pharmacists retain patients, the company said.


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