Lift assist and aid device released

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Biodex Mobility Assist
Biodex Mobility Assist

Biodex Medical Systems has released the Mobility Assist, which is the first motorized lift assist and ambulation aid combined into one device.

The product will assist patients from seating to standing while keeping the patient in the correct position, so he or she can maintain a safe center of gravity. The device will support the user's weight the whole time. Once the patient is standing, the device also will help the user walk.

The device requires no physical assistance from staff if the user falls. A safety harness and motorized lift are key features of the device.

“It's so important to get elderly patients up and walking to avoid circulation problems and disuse atrophy,” said Ed Behan, vice president of market development for Biodex. “Not only does this product ensure safety of patient and clinician, it gives the patient a sense of independence — which is the greatest motivation you can offer.”


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