Laboratory makes new test available

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Cyrex Laboratories has announced the availability of its latest test, the Array 12 Pathogen Associated Immune Reactivity Screen.

The test looks at factors impacting immune response. Array 12 assesses the immune load from 29 viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and stealth organism antigens that could be latent.

“With the Array 12 screen, Cyrex is adding a key piece of the environmental triggers puzzle,” said Jean Bellin, president of Cyrex Laboratories. “Array 12 is the most thorough test available for environmental triggers related to viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and stealth organism pathogens that may be latent in the body. This test offers physicians and patients unparalleled insight into the health of patients who may have fallen ill due to a pathogen encounter years prior to testing, or who may not have even experienced any symptoms and are unaware that any exposure occurred.”