HCS extends availability of Interactant Incident Management

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HCS has extended the availability of its HCS Interactant™ Incident Management, which can now be accessed via SaaS environment.

Clients can see a complete summary of risk reporting. Other features include body diagram identifying injury location and the ability to attach photos and documents. There are flags to alert incidents, resolution and comment sections and ability to do statistical analysis through exporting data to Excel.

Long-term care facilities and other organizations use the technology to manage incident reporting. For example, an increase in falls during a shift would alert a risk manager who can provide an intervention.

“The electronic capture of unexpected events and communicating such events to key personnel with alerts, graphing, and drill-down reporting greatly helps hospitals identify trends and proactively reduce occurrences with early interventions,” said Carrie O'Connell, RN, executive vice president of Clinical Informatics.