Glatfelter Healthcare Practice partners with VorroHealth

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Insurance program Glatfelter Healthcare Practice has partnered with VorroHealth, a vender of clinical, AR/billing and interoperable technology, for the release of ACTUM®. The service complements VorroHealth's electronic health records platform for long-term care.

ACTUM compares data from an EHR to 96 liability scenarios, which were developed by Glatfelter in conjunction with Pendulum LLC. This can then trigger an alert of a possible adverse event, alerting clinicians.

Examples of liability triggers include resident wandering, medication mismanagement, falls and medical conditions. Noting ACTUM's effectiveness, Glatfelter Healthcare Practice will offer eligible accounts a significant discount on liability insurance.

“There is so much data captured in electronic health records that can be tapped to reduce costs and risks,” said Shawn Yingling, president of Glatfelter Healthcare Practice. 


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