Cream may help reduce scarring, type 1 diabetes

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BirchBioMed has announced the completion of an anti-scarring drug trial that is being developed by by University of British Columbia researchers.

The FS2 cream was given to 40 healthy volunteers at maximum feasible doses, and study results will be presented next week at the 2016 Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries.

BirchBioMed holds the exclusive, worldwide pharmaceutical license from UBC for FS2 and AI-001. The company said it believes these therapeutics can prevent scarring and promotion of existing scars, as well as shown ability to reverse certain autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes and alopecia. Birch BioMed is developing the therapeutics to replace existing treatments for these diseases.

"Until now, there has not been a single therapeutic that can satisfactorily target the molecular aspects of scarring, which results from the body over-repairing after an injury, surgery or disease," said UBC Professor of Surgery Aziz Ghahary, M.D.


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