COMS partners with Remedy

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COMS Interactive LLC has announced a collaboration with Remedy Partners Inc. around the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement program.

The purpose of the BPCI program is to allow customers “to share in the cost savings derived from reductions in nursing home costs, readmissions and duplicative testing and services,” COMS said.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services granted a general contractor status to Remedy Partners, which is the largest awardee convener in the program. Remedy launched more than 20 hospitals in the 2013 program and has received in excess of 1,000 Letters of Intent from skilled nursing facilities in 50 states for participation in the current program.

“Participation in the BPCI program represents additional revenue opportunities for COMS customers and partners, and the Remedy team are experts at crafting clinical and financial packages,” said Edward J. Tromczynski,  COMS Interactive CEO.

If an organization chooses to join the BPCI program, the initiative will officially begin Jan. 1, 2015.