Pregnant CNA sues over unpaid leave

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A pregnant certified nursing assistant at a Michigan nursing home has filed a lawsuit, claiming she was forced to take unpaid leave without health insurance.

CNA Asia Myers, who worked at Hope Healthcare Center since 2010, said she went on medical leave for a week in June 2013 after having bleeding and cramping known as “threatened miscarriage.” She was cleared to return to work, but her doctor said she was not allowed to lift or push anything.

The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Michigan and Cary McGehee of the law firm Pitt McGehee Palmer Rivers & Golden, filed an amended lawsuit in federal court in December on Myers' behalf. Hope Healthcare, located in Westland, MI, is owned by Sava Senior Care, which did not respond to a request for comment for this article.

The lawsuit said a supervisor told Myers that it wasn't her “call” whether she could work. While Hope had reportedly accommodated pregnant employees in the past, a supervisor said Myers would not be able to return to work with her doctor's restrictions. Myers was then off without pay or health coverage for a month, and has now returned to Hope Healthcare Center. The birth of her child is expected in January
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