Hospitals skimping on palliative care consults before sending patients to nursing homes, researchers say


Hospitals often are not doing palliative care interventions with older trauma patients who go on to a skilled nursing facility, according to recently announced findings.

How to do it ... wound care

Wound care programs can be the bane of long-term care providers, or they can be a source of clinical pride and marketing material, as well as a strong revenue stream. This"How To" piece offers expert advice on how to save money and maximize efficiency in wound care.

Room fan could be just as effective as oxygen therapy in end-of-life care

Oxygen therapy may be unnecessary for some patients receiving end-of-life palliative treatment, according to a new study.

Researchers question end-of-life practices at nursing homes

Researchers question end-of-life practices at nursing homes

Kidney dialysis treatments near the end of life might do more harm than good and aggressive care for individuals with advanced dementia may be well-intentioned but misdirected efforts, results from a pair of new studies suggest.