Older Adults

Study: Shorter hospital stays hike death risk, rehab problems after hip fracture


Older patients need longer hospital stays after hip fractures or risk premature death, researchers assert this week in the British Medical Journal.

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AMDA to feds: Will assisted living be excluded from plan to reimburse chronic care services? ... People with rare type AB blood have doubled risk of cognitive decline, researchers say ... Grieving older people are more at risk for infections than younger people, research shows

Summer reading: The language of long-term care

Summer reading: The language of long-term care


A recent NPR survey of older adults had a not-too-surprising finding: No one likes being referred to as "elderly" or as a "senior."

Early intellectual stimulation may result in better cognition in older adults


Life experiences with intellectual stimulation may have more impact than demographic influences on cognitive abilities in older adults, researchers find.

Online tool helps predict mortality

Mortality researchers have developed an online assessment tool that helps clinicians predict mortality for older adults.

Gardening programs good way to boost health, energy of older adults, researchers find

Older adults who spend time gardening are more likely to eat healthier foods, and report better quality of life and higher energy levels than other seniors who don't garden, according to new research.

Older adults enjoy better relationships with family, friends, article finds

Say what you will about youth today, but a new article finds that people of all ages are willing to forgive and respect their elders.

Virtual colonoscopy a safe, effective alternative to traditional procedure for at-risk seniors, study finds

Screening by virtual colonoscopy is just as effective and potentially safer than traditional screening methods for older patients at risk of colorectal cancer, according to a new report from the American College of Radiology.