North Carolina

NAACP: Medicaid expansion would negate lost subsidies in NC


The NAACP is pushing hard for lawmakers to approve Medicaid expansion efforts in North Carolina to give half a million state residents an alternative should they lose private insurance subsidized by the government under the Affordable Care Act.

Relias Learning expands market presence

Relias Learning announced second quarter results for 2014 that reflected expansion in new markets.

Housing & Healthcare Finance advises on $940M loan for Deutsche Bank

Housing & Healthcare Finance has advised on a $940 million loan for Deutsche Bank involving 167 skilled nursing facilities in 19 states, with significant concentrations in Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina and Texas.

Was it something she said? 'Speech therapist' sent to prison, fined

A North Carolina woman who posed as a licensed speech therapist in two assisted living facilities has been sentenced to 34 months in prison for committing Medicare fraud.

Talking turkey: North Carolina law to end practice of bribing Medicaid patients

A new law in North Carolina makes it illegal for Medicaid providers to accept or offer compensation—of any type—in exchange for referring patients for medical services.