Hidden dangers:Protocols and best practices are needed to stave off bathing-acquired infections
At the risk of sounding alarmist, your facility's bath tubs and accessories such as lifts are likely going to make your residents sick — some experts say very sick.

Safer lifting starts with safe lifts. A good lift is not only suitable for the transfer, it’s properly maintained and paired with an appropriate sling in good condition. An effectively equipped SPH program is about more than just about having a lift in each wing. To be confident that you have the right equipment, in the right condition, schedule an Invacare Outcomes by Design Lift Assessment today. We will record and assess the condition of all lifts in your facility and evaluate your facility’s lift/sling type mix based on your census mix. Because any SPH program is only as good as its equipment.

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A moving experience: Operators are reimagining spaces and designs to maximize possibilities for new therapy and wellness spaces.
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