Tempe joins the 'dementia-friendly' city project

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A city in Arizona has been named “Alzheimer's and dementia-friendly” by the White House, The Arizona Republic reported Tuesday.

Tempe, AZ joins Denver and Santa Clara, CA in a pilot project to create a model for other cities and states to use with residents who suffer from dementia and their families.

The program aims to provide more support to both residents with dementia and their families, teaching them how to manage and cope with the disease. Additionally, police officers and firefighters will be trained on recognizing and responding to dementia sufferers. The general public in these cities will also be informed of the services available to patients with dementia.

Approximately 120,000 people are currently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in Arizona, according to The Arizona Republic, which is expected to rise to 200,000 people in the next decade. Stressed families are noticing the lack of community support, which the project aims to address, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell said.