Study: Nursing home residents view facilities differently than five-star system

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The Five-Star Quality Rating System devised by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services bears little relation to the actual views of residents, family members and staff at the facilities it ranks, according to a new study.

Holleran, a senior-living research firm, found a large disconnect between the way the five-star system ranks facilities and the way residents and families view those facilities. Under the five-star system, a one-star facility is meant to be of inferior quality to a five-star facility. Holleran researchers found, however, that residents and families at one-star facilities were actually more likely to say they would choose their facility again compared with other facilities.

The five-star system relies on submitted data for its ratings, which researchers say contributes to its flaws. Simply tweaking the system to include satisfaction surveys could go a long way toward improving the system, according to Holleran, which released its study July 12.