Study: Hourly rate for nursing home RNs rises 4%

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The national median hourly rate for registered nurses in nursing homes increased by almost 4% in this year compared to last year, a new study finds.

The median RN nursing home rate is $25 per hour, according to the Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service, which released its latest report this week. Last year, the median hourly rate was $24.07. Median represents the value below and above which there is an equal number of values.

By comparison, RNs in continuing care retirement communities earn a median wage of $24.27 per hour, a 2% increase from last year, the report found.

Once again, nursing turnover in nursing homes is highest among CNAs, according to annual study results. CNAs reported a turnover rate of 43.5%, much worse than LPNs (30.6%) and RNs (32.2%).

The Nursing Home Salary and Benefits Report is available for purchase from HHCS (, with discounts applicable to members of the major nursing home associations that supported the project.