SNF room price averages $92k

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Alaska leads the U.S. in the highest cost of nursing home care, according to a new report that found national average costs for a semi-private nursing home rose 2.27%, while private nursing home room prices rose 1.24%.

The average cost of a private nursing home room is more than $92,000 annually, according to Genworth's 13th annual Cost of Care Study.

Long-term care costs still are generally highest in the Northeast and lowest in the Southeast. But Alaska was the most expensive, followed by Connecticut and Massachusetts. In Anchorage, the cost of private nursing home care ($25,300 per month) is 230% more expensive than the national average.

“As our data demonstrates, where you live has a huge bearing on the cost of care, as does the setting in which you receive care,” said Tom McInerney, president and chief executive officer at Genworth.

Oklahoma recorded the lowest cost of nursing home care with the average semi-private room and private room averaging $4,410 and $5,019 per month, respectively.